Friday, September 17, 2010

Step Up 3 - 3D & Shopping

Wednesday, August 11 2010

Step Up 3 (3D) movie poster in Korean
My mum also surprised me and had an abundance of energy the day after her long flight to Korea. Mum, Darmesh and I went to Bucheon and (don't judge me!) watched Step Up 3 in 3D. It was incredible! 

As many of my friends know, I don't enjoy shopping. When I used to go to this department store (either to a restaurant or movie) I never went 'shopping' so on this day when I was there with my mum and brother, I guess it was the first time that I even noticed some of the stores!

Exhausted from the heat, we got home pretty late, but my brother and I went out for about an hour or two to a pub near my apartment. 

With mum in Bucheon

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Nicki said...

Your mom looks great! looks like your older sister instead