Sunday, September 19, 2010


Thursday, August 19 2010

I planned to have dinner with my Korean father (Mr Lee) and his friend, Byeol-nim, but when they came to pick us up, within a minute our plans changed and he said we could go to Everland. The night before leaving Korea! If you don't know, Everland is Korea's answer to Disneyland. I'd never been there before, but always wanted to. It would take an hour to get there so I spent the time calling friends for the last time from my Korean cellphone. 

Everland at night
Everland was incredible, but it was a real pity that we couldn't spend more time there. Oh, did I mention that we hadn't started packing yet?! I had to pack every single item in my apartment and clean it before leaving the following day. Anyways, we thought we'd deal with it after Everland - even if that meant at midnight! 

There was a parade that started at 9pm. To quote one of my Korean colleagues, it was a-f*cking-mazing (amazing!) Then there was a lazer light show...but we couldn't stay till the end. I had to rush home to meet my friend, Hye-jin. We were very grateful to Mr Lee & Byeol-nim for making my (our) last night in Korea very memorable!

When we arrived home, Hye-jin was already there waiting for me. After goodbyes, mum, Darmesh and I started packing. For every single day that week, I slept no earlier than 3am.

This was my final night in Korea.
Darmesh & I after getting off one of the rides - eeeeek!

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