Friday, June 4, 2010

Penguins Play Soccer in South Korea

Thanks to Yogita for this. This has to be one of THE most adorable things I've seen yet ^_^

At the Everland Aquarium in South Korea, eleven penguins dressed in the national colors, are showing off their dribbling skills.         
Lee Kwang-Hee is their trainer.   
[Lee Kwang-hee, Trainer]:             
"We have formed a group of penguin supporters, hoping that our South Korean team will go to the next round at the World Cup finals in South Africa."   
South Korea has reached the finals seven consecutive times and reached the semi-finals in 2002.             

This year they are in group B with Argentina, Nigeria and Greece.             

Their feathered counterparts, it's fair to say, could do with a few more flair players.   

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