Saturday, June 19, 2010

My 4D Experience

How to Train Your Dragon ~ 4D

Picture this: You're watching a movie. The opening scene is of a sea. Would you you feel sea sick watching it? Probably not. What if your seat was rocking back and forth and swerving to the left and right according to the camera angles?

What if you actually felt the water spray on your face?!

Now imagine this: The scene is in a forest. The camera pans over green grass, tall trees and flowers. Would you think you're going crazy if suddenly you're able to smell the grass and flowers?!

This is the future of cinema.

This, my 4D!

On Tuesday, June 1 I watched How to Train Your Dragon in 4D at Times Square in Seoul. My friend, Sarah and I thought the most that would happen would be that our seats moved. Before the movie started, a CGV staff member announced that it was advisable not to eat or drink during the movie as the seats would rock.

As the as lights dimmed, Sarah said to me - "Please don't scream!" but as it turns out, she was shrieking more than me! It was an incredibly cinematic experience and definitely worth the money (double the price of a regular movie ticket).

We think the scents come from the back of the seats

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