Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Korea: World Cup in 3D Theaters

Published a few days ago in Korea Times.
Local theaters including CGV and Lotte Cinema will screen 2010 South Africa World Cup games in 3D at select theaters around the country between June 12 and 23.

By Lee Hyo-won

The 2010 FIFA World Cup team members representing South Korea have been announced and Red Devil T-shirts are selling fast in stores. Instead of scrambling for a spot in Seoul Plaza to tune into the world's most watched sporting event, why not head to a movie theater, where you don't have to worry about people stomping on your shoes?

Major theater chains around the country will screen live broadcasts of games, that offer not just air conditioning and state-of-the-art sound systems but also, in tune with the times, 3D vision.

Local football fans unable to travel to South Africa will be particularly pleased to enjoy the matches in the third dimension.

During the 2006 Germany games, red T-shirt-clad fans headed to CGV theaters to catch every kick on the big screen, and this year the theater will offer an upgraded experience. Forty-three of its theaters will show games on over 35 3D screens and over 100 2D screens.

Games slated for June 12 and 17 (Korea vs. Argentina) will be offered in 2D (10,000 won) and 3D (15,000 won). The match on June 23 (Korea vs. Nigeria) will be shown live in a late-night screening, also in 2D (7,000 won) and 3D (10,000 won). For more information visit www.cgv.co.kr.

Lotte Cinema will also screen matches in 2D and 3D: June 12 (Korea vs. Greece in 2D only for 9,000 won), June 17 (13,000 won for 3D and 9,000 won for 2D) and June 23 (8,000 won for 3D and 6,000 won for 2D). The theater also broadcast the 2006 World Cup and 2008 UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Over 50 3D screens and 100 2D screens will show the games. Over 60,000 tickets have been sold since sales opened on May 4.

``We plan to screen various sporting events in the future, as well as other alternative content such as plays and musicals. By featuring classic sports games and theatrical performances, the movie theater will evolve into a more diverse cultural space to cater to today's audience,'' said a representative of Lotte Cinema in a press release.

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