Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yeonho Oh - CEO (OhMyNews)

Yeonho Oh is a journalist and CEO of the citizen-reporting generated

Oh decided to become a journalist because he felt that the media failed to show the reality of our daily lives. He wrote an article on the negative view of advancement of technology, but he later realized that he should, in fact, become familiar with it [technology] to enable him to deliver more news to more people. He learned that the internet allowed anyone to become a journalist.

At 2:22, February 22 2000, OhMyNews was launched and was the first internet-based newspaper that proposed that “every citizen is a journalist” which of course counters what has traditionally been practiced by print news media. Oh emphasizes that “Any type of MEDIA should be a MEDIATOR.”

Speaking about OhMyNews on the TEDx Seoul website, Oh says:

“Now every citizen can participate in the creation of news, and we seek to create a new news culture with new news for a new world. This is especially meaningful for Korea, where the news has historically been dominated by conservative voices. Now we can create a news media playing field with balanced representation from both the conservative and progressive camps.”

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