Friday, December 11, 2009

For my mother...

Note: My mum is back home in South Africa & I'm in South Korea!

The other day my mum left this comment on one of my blog posts: 
 you are such a great human being you deserve but only the BEST!!!
you are my inspiration

My immediate thought was, What?! I could duplicate those very words right back to my mum and still, it wouldn't be enough to express what I feel about her. This post is long overdue, but as they say - better late than never. So for the next few minutes, I will dedicate my time to writing about the angel in my life - my mother.

Everyone says my mum & I look like sisters. In photographs, many mistake one of us for being the other. For me, this is a huge ego boost because I think my mother is beautiful. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and knowing her will agree with me. If you get to know her as a person, you will soon realize that her inner beauty exceeds her outer beauty. She is selfless beyond words and her qualities make me beam with pride to be her daughter.

She is the only person on earth who can empathize and sympathize with me about anything, anytime. Whether she's sleeping, sick or busy cooking, she will make the time to listen to me bitch and whine, cry or talk like a chatterbox that I'm known to be sometimes. Every morning when I check my e-mail I am guaranteed to read a message from my mum either wishing me a good day ahead or complimenting me on my blog.

I've learned countless lessons from my mother - many of which I'm sure she's taught me unknowingly. I've seen her retaliate unkindness with genuine love and grace. My mother deserves not only the Best Mother of the Millennium Award, but also the Best Wife of the Millennium Award.  If one day I can be even half the wife and mother that she is, my future husband and children will consider themselves damn lucky to have me.

I don't say it as often as I should, but I'm saying it now for the whole world to hear (read?!) - I love my mother. She has supported me through every single monumental phase in my life. Right from birth to school to university to leaving home when I moved to Korea in 2007. There were other things in between all these 'phases' in my life which nearly brings me to tears as I think of them.

The only fault I can find in my mother is that she doesn't realize how special, beautiful, loved and appreciated she is. We shouldn't assume that she knows this. Of course, we (her family) are appreciative of everything she does, but it's so important to verbalize this. This is what I'm doing now.

Everything I am is because of her. My knowledge of dressing, jewelry, skin care, hair care, shopping, running a household (which I'm still learning because I'm single and live alone!) and so much more is all credited to my mother. If you've been following my blog, you'd know that I've been blogging about things I'm grateful for on a daily basis. This entire post is for my mother who I'm grateful to God for.
I love you, Mummy x


Anonymous said...

thank you my child for the kind words. you've just made me cry. i dont know what to say to you. i appreciate everything you said but do i really deserve it coz i always just wanted to be a good mother to you. i had goose bumps reading this post. you are so kind to say all these lovely things to me. thank you thank you thank you and GOD BLESS you my angel. i love you so much. mom

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing true feelings with your readers, sheets. the one who can write such beautiful about another person is definitly as beautiful herself.


Vicky Loras said...

Hi Sheetal!
I have found your blog through Ken Wilson's! I am really happy to have started reading it. Congratulations on your work and the thought of saying thank-you's every day is super; we don't (well, I don't most of the times). Sometimes we complain about things which seem minor compared to other problems and we forget to appreciate the things that have happened to us throughout the day.
Your blogpost about your mother was very moving and I know how you feel - I feel that way about my dad, who has always been next to me.
I wish you every success personally and professionally!
All the best, Vicky

Donna Carrick said...

Beautiful post, Sheetal. I wish I'd been blogging when Mom was alive -- I would copy your idea in her honour!

Very best regards,
Donna Carrick

Sheetal said...


I meant every word :) Love you too x

Sheetal said...


I'm touched - Thank you for those kind words! :)

Sheetal said...


Hello :) Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your kind words! I'm very happy to "meet" you! I am really glad that I have kept up my daily list of things to be grateful for. We all focus way too much energy on everything we don't have and for things going wrong in the world. It's important to count our blessings.

I'll visit your blog!

Sheetal said...


Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I think it is so important to tell people how we feel about them. I hope you will write a blog about your mum as well - if you do, I'd love to read it.

Have a lovely w-end :)

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful words. You're both very special and gentle-souled people. Keep well.
Love, Heleen Guest

Sheetal said...

Mrs Guest:

Thank you for reading this & for your kind comments! Hope you are well!

Lots of love & hugs x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheetal,
What a touching blog:-)
I have had the honour of knowing both of you and your words are so true and deep. I would love tips from both of you to have such a relationship with my own two children.
Keep it up.

Sheetal said...


Ahhh ... thank you so much for those kind words :) I think respect and mutual trust is the key in any relationship!