Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sarah knows my 'secret'

I met my friend, Sarah this evening. Just called her to say hi and see what she was up to and we decided to meet in my area. We had a lot to catch up on. The very big news is that she is now in a relationship - but that story deserves a blog on its own.

Anyways, what I was supposed to tell Yong-un, I told Sarah. She listened and we talked a bit about it. I was kind of glad that I told someone. I have friends abroad (and my blog readers) who know about it and who I can talk about it to, but no one HERE. It makes a big difference.

Sarah and I talked about many things and shared a lot with each other. We worked together last year and seldom talked as much as we do now. We've grown a lot closer this year and I'm very happy to have her as one of my close friends here. When we wrapped up, we agreed to leave all our stories right there in the restaurant. So for now, my lips are sealed :-)

Happy December 1
Hope you all have a good, productive & positive month ahead

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