Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today I'm grateful for...

Thursday, December 24 2009
Today I'm grateful for...

  1. classes behaving - especially since I taught alone today.

  2. ...Chang-yun canceling his 3-6 class before lunch.

  3. ...the quick massages I got.

  4. ...No-su buying my ticket.

  5. ...Hyeon-jeong ordering pizza for my after-school class.

  6. ...Mrs Park sending me a Christmas gift.

  7. ...little letters and cards from my students.

  8. ...Joo-hyeon returning my IM with a call.

  9. ...Ip from Splendia getting back to me promptly after talking on the phone.

  10. ...a text from my co-teacher saying she appreciates knowing me.

  11. ...the call from Angelina.

  12. friend HYE-JIN and her husband, HONG-IL. I'll blog more about this tomorrow, but I'm so grateful for them having me over and for giving me a gift.

  13. ...Hye-jin buying vegetarian food for me.

  14. ...Yong-un for introducing me to Hye-jin and Hong-il last year on New Years eve.

  15. ....the cab driver only charging me 15,000 Won for the ride home.

  16. ...Mr Kim (my IT guy) getting out of his car to wish me & for being so lovable.

  17. ...the messages I've received from friends all over the world

  18. ...the food I ate.

  19. (and my family's) health.

  20. reading this :-) 

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