Thursday, January 10, 2008

K-Pop: Big Bang & Wonder Girls

K-Pop (Korean Pop) is HUGE! What's the most interesting thing is that the chart-topping artists are sometimes under 21 years old!

Two specific songs have played endlessly in Korea since I arrived. The first one is by a group called Big Bang - a boy band. I'm actually crazy about this song...not quite sure when it'll grow stale with me.

This song's chorus is "Tell Me" - my students go nuts over this song and is sung by a group called Wonder Girls (a group of really young girls)


Anonymous said...

sorry cant hear the songs of big bang and the wonder girls. i would love my son to hear it coz he's a DJ

Anonymous said...

hope when i visit the next time i will be able to hear them. thanks for a wonderful blog

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Love the Wonder Girls video! Great use of the 70s Wonder Woman tropes.

Sheetal said...

thanks :)

hi! yeah it's pretty cool huh?! the girls started out when they were 14 & 15...!!!