Friday, January 4, 2008

East Sea Part 1 – Breakfast @ the rest stop

Yesterday, I went on a road trip with dear Mr Lee (a 4th grade homeroom teacher), his friend, Mrs Kim and one of my co-teachers / friend, Jin. We started our journey at 8:30am and traveled across the country to the East Sea.

...With Mr Lee & Mrs Kim

The journey wasnt boring as we stopped at various resting places first for breakfast and then snacks. And every few minutes, Mr Lee would say, HellooooMiss Makhan, here is He was the perfect tour guide!

The resting places here are pretty neat many food stalls to choose from. Its all so clean and everything smells really good. We had potatoes and noodles with tofu. And coffee to warm up.

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Anonymous said...

it looks like you had lots of fun at the east sea. you look lovely as ever.