Friday, January 4, 2008

East Sea Part 9 – Ice Cream & home time!

Ok so we really should have been on our way now. But Mr Lee wanted to show me where they catch the fish. Unfortunately it was way too dark to see anything, but we still took a walk along the rock pools. Afterwards, we were homeward bound. Mrs Kim and Jin passed out, but I stayed awake to be Mr Lees second pair of eyes on the road.

After about an hour of traveling, we stopped again
this time for ice-cream! We must have been crazy. It was freezing and we were so full from eating all day, yet we still gobbled down ice-cream.

I don
t think I mentioned the fruit and rice cakes in the car

I arrived home at 11pm. I was exhausted, but filled with so many fun-filled memories!


Pumba said...

Okay, seriously, that much food all in one day...That is awesome :)

Sheetal said...


hey hey! hehehe yeah it was a kickass day ;) xxx