Friday, January 4, 2008

East Sea Part 8 – The sushi centre

Mr Lee wanted to have dinner. Jin and I were stuffed from all the snacks throughout the day, but we ended up at a sushi centre. It looks like a warehouse, with over 30 entrances each leading to a different restaurant.

I was intrigued by the fish and squid on what looked like a clothing line, but Mr Lee hurried me into the sushi centre to show me the live fish.

He chose what he wanted and literally within seconds, the fishs life was over as the lady prepared it to be served.

Check this out (watch how the little guy is still moving after his head was chopped off)

So we talked and laughed over sushi and soju
which I didnt eat. And of course, ended the meal with coffee again!

This is the little guy you saw in the video:

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