Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First blog post of '08

The gang I brought 2008 in with

Hello! With this being my first blog post of the year, let me wish you another Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's Eve. Whatever you did, I hope it was memorable.

My new years eve was spent with a few friends in a bar. We talked about nothing in particular -till 11pm came about and a few games were introduced, bringing with it plenty of giggles! When the clock struck 12, we wished and greeted each other - including other random party goers around us.

One Korean guy at the next table asked me where I was from. When I replied, "South Africa", he looked surprised and said, "But you speak English?!", to which I said - "Yes, I do! ...and very well, too!" Anyways - just goes to show that the stereotype still exists that people from the African continent don't speak English. Imagine how I must confuse them ... being an Indian from South Africa who is an English teacher!

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