Monday, July 20, 2009

Spending Sincheon Dollars

Throughout the semester, we've rewarded the students with "Dollars" ($1 & $2) when they do well in tests and activities. Last week was the final week of the semester, so we turned the English classroom into a store.

The students are able to spend their "dollars" by "buying" snacks - chips, cookies, candy, stationery - even travel catalogs!

After our 6th grade classes on Monday, a lot of the snacks were finished, so we had to raise the 'prices' - making a small packet of chips $20! It was fun, cause just for a minute we announced a "sale" where everything was going to be just $2 - but they HAD to speak in English.

After their "shopping" they could watch a movie - I-Robot :)

My co-teacher & I stayed an extra 2 hours on the Friday after work setting up the classroom~

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