Monday, July 20, 2009

Damage was done ... for sho'!


After weeks of waiting in anticipation, the day had *finally* arrived. I spoke to my brother the night before he left for Johannesburg to take part in the finals of The Next Big Thing - a national competition scouting the best DJ in South Africa. When I spoke to him on the phone, it was about 2am in SA. I can't remember word for word, but I think I told him that I knew he was going to win - I just needed it to be official :) I had complete faith and confidence in him.

I spoke to him again on the morning of the competition. In my heart, I knew when I'd talk to him again - he'd have won the title. Anyways, I went to bed around 10:30pm (Korean time) on Saturday. I asked my mum to call me at 9:00pm (SA time) ... which means it would be 4:00am in Korea. I Skyped in with the family & believe it or not, heard the entire show LIVE!

Meanwhile, I'd been updating my Twitter/Facebook urging friends in SA to watch. Unfortunately, SABC 1 had soccer on, so they didn't broadcast the finals as it was advertised. Bummer. When my brother took the decks, my stomach was in knots. The judges gave their comments, and soon after that the voting lines were open for about an hour.

Thankfully, I was chatting online to a dear friend, Des - who was also watching. And keeping me informed about what was going on. I called back home when the voting lines closed.

The winner was about to be announced.
I actually stood up with my hands covering my mouth.

Hearing my brother's name being announced as the winner was soon muted by the screams of joy & excitement - both from my parents sitting in our lounge in East London, South Africa ... and me, in my apartment in South Korean - seven time zones apart!

My heart was racing. I wanted to jump and scream and call everyone I know! Also, I couldn't WAIT to talk to him. About an hour later, after he'd left the studio with Neelesh I got to talk to him. There was so much I wanted to say to him, but the words were just stuck.

When you want something, you can only ever acquire it if you have ONE thing in particular - and that's PASSION. My brother has it. I'm his biggest fan - hands down!

Check out the official website of the competition here.


Nicki said...

Congrats to him!

Sheetal said...

Thanks, Nicki :) x