Friday, July 17, 2009

A typical day this week

* This blog post wasn't written to inform or entertain anyone - merely just for me to write.
It's my blog & I'll blog how I want to.
Read it. Don't read it. Your choice :)

This is what my week has been like:

  • 5:50am - Wake up! (to my friendly wake up bell on my phone: "Gooood Mooorning!")
It's nearly 11pm in South Africa (previous day) and my brother has sometimes been online. He's been having late nights practicing for the finals coming up this Saturday. We talk for about 20 minutes. I also check my e-mails, Facebook messages and Twitter updates.

  • 6:30am - Start getting ready for work (shower etc...)
One of the most frustrating things for me is picking out what to wear for the day. I base my decision on various things: What's the weather like? What's my day holding? Am I going out after work? What's my mood like? I'm more likely to dress up in bright colours when I'm cheerful. If I'm feeling dim, the colours I choose reflect that.

  • 7:15am - Mix a protein shake
I don't have a big breakfast. I either have a protein shake or just cereal. If I'm really rushing, I'd buy a gim-bap (rice & veggies rolled in seaweed) on my way to work. I always have the radio on, tuned into EBS - an English Learning Station. Each show is 20 mins long. It works well as I use it as a time marker. I have to be done with XYZ before the next show begins, else I'll run late.

Usually I'd also sit at the table and read a couple of pages of a book I'm into. Otherwise, Tweet a bit from my iPod Touch.

  • 7:35am - Start getting dressed
On some days, my apartment looks like a bomb exploded. If I put something on, and it's just not feeling right, or if *I'm* just not feeling it, I'll quickly have to change into something else. When I'm satisfied, it's time for make-up.

Anyone who wears make-up will know that applying it is somewhat like art. I begin with a spray/cream for blemishes which is like a treatment. Then moisturizer. Next - SUNBLOCK (BB Cream included). Foundation. Setting Powder. Wipe off excess. Shimmering power on the cheeks. If I'm in the mood, a bit of eye-shadow, blending it into the arch of my eyebrow. Then - eyeliner. (I use the screw crayon type). First on the eye-lid, and then under the eye.

I make sure I've taken my tablets for the day before applying lipstick.

1) Lip moisturizer
2) Lip Liner
3) Lip Colour Gloss

My hair doesn't take all that long. I merely clip it up and just "GHD" the fringe. Some days I just clip it back. 2 reasons why I haven't been wearing my hair down these days:

1 - My recent haircut & colour was a disaster story on its own
2 - The heat & humidy will make it stand up like a witch

Am I good to go yet? Nope - have to make sure that my kitchen sink is clean and dishes-free.

"If your sink is clean, the whole kitchen looks clean"
- My mum :)

  • 8:00 / 8:10am - Leave the apartment
Sometimes I have to run a few errands on way to work - stop at the ATM, the store, bakery - whatever.

  • 8:15 / 8:25am - Arrive at school
Once I'm up on the 5th floor in the English class, I open all the windows welcoming the fresh air. I turn the aircon on in the office AND the fan and sit with my face in front of it to ensure that my make-up which isn't even an hour old doesn't stream down my face with the perspiration from walking in the sun.

  • 8:40 - 9:00am - Prepare for class
Sometimes, if I'm already prepared then I'm downstairs in the teachers room talking about nothing in particular.

  • 09:00 - 12:00pm - Teaching
4 classes. 10 minute break in between. During these breaks, I run to the office to cool off and check any important messages from the school messenger.

  • 12:10pm - Lunch Time
I don't always go down for lunch. If I do, I eat quickly and have to get back to the class in case I'm tutoring a student during the lunch hour. If I don't go down, I have my MP3 player on (this week I've been listening to PITBULL and my brother's mix - DJ DAMAGE) while I catch up on paper work or lesson planning.

  • 1:00 - 2:30pm - Teaching
After the last class, I've had about 5-10 minutes to get ready for my after school class.

  • 2:50pm - After School Class
I really like the group of kids I'm teaching this term. There are only 10 of them (6 boys & 4 girls). The boys are not shy and have such cool characters. 2 5th grade boys are slower than the others so they stay MUCH longer. I've been finishing the after school class at 4pm!

  • 4:00pm - Head to the air-conned office
I have to mark student's work and do any other paper work that my co-teacher/manager has asked me to do.

  • 4:40pm - Home Time
This means nothing to me, really. If I need to still work, I'll stay and finish. Otherwise, I'm outta there. To get home, I have to walk through the bustling market place, greeting vendors and shopkeepers standing outside their stores. Occasionally - actually, very often - I see some of my students and they want to walk me home. Maybe I'd stop to pick up some groceries if I have to. Nothing exciting.

  • 5:15pm - Arrive Home
I've been good with gym, except for this week (with good reason. The first thing I do when I arrive home is turn the aircon and radio on. This week since I've not been to gym, I can't wait to get out of my work clothes and wash the day off my body. I'd either make something to eat or get maybe I've picked up something on my way home from work.

  • 6:00pm - Eat
I'm usually watching something when eating (these days it's THE COSBY SHOW). Also, whatever I've eaten has been something pretty light. I zip through e-mails and settle down to relax. For the past few days I've been falling asleep around 7:00pm. I've just been way too tired to keep my eyes open.

  • 8:00pm - Oprah
I wait for the Queen of Talk to come on. If it's an interesting topic, I'd watch. If not, I read or fall asleep. After Oprah, maybe I'd watch TYRA. Otherwise, I've been catching up with my family in SA.
  • 1:30am - Time to disconnect.
I log off and watch another episode of The Cosby Show.

  • 2:00am
Fall asleep for 4 hours and then it's back to it all again.

I've been behind on my e-mails for the past few weeks. E-mails to family have gone down to one liners and sometimes even just talking through keywords.

Also, I'm talking less. Observing more. It's just the way it is at the moment. End.

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