Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Teacher, this is for you"

At the end of my last class before lunch today, one of my 6th grade students came to my office and gave me a little white box and said, "Teacher - this is for you". Sweet, right?! My students are always giving me candy, so that's what I thought it was. Till I opened it and found a necklace inside (pic above).

Now remember I teach over 1,000 students per week! Yeah, I know some of their names, but I usually have to double check with their homeroom teachers if I forget. Anyways, I couldn't remember her name. I quickly scanned some photo's I've taken at school and FOUND the girl in a pic I'd taken at Sports Day! I circled her face and sent the pic to her homeroom teacher.

She is Yoo, Se-yeon - one of the more quieter students I teach.
I was touched :)

Se-yeon is the girl in yellow with glasses


Nicki said...

Soooo sweet! Wow, sooo many students!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ Yeah... SO many students!