Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I facebooked your MUM!

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You know social phenomena have reached new heights when it starts making headlines on reputable news websites. Im talking about facebook. These days, people dont seem to swap phone numbers. They merely say, Ill find you on facebook. Not having a facebook account is almost as bad as not having a cellphone number everyone is on it. And I mean everyone!

I have been in company where embarrassing photos have been taken of friends. Despite their present euphoric state after generous amounts of alcohol, people still manage to say dont you dare tag me!

I find it really amusing when my friends bring up facebook during a night out. I mean, a few years ago we may have been classified as computer geeks, but these days if you're not online, you're considered to be a possible social misfit.

Lets face it, if youre on facebook, there is at least one photo that you either hate or are embarrassed by. And it was most likely uploaded by friends! But its ok, because the whole point of being part of a social networking site like facebook is that YOU control who sees your personal details and those embarrassing photos!

Everyone has at one point or another received a friend request from someone you either
a) don
t know
b) don
t like

... And its perfectly fine to hit the ignore button. Theyll never know youve rejected them. And you have every right in doing so.

But what happens when the friend request is from your mum or dad?!

Dont get me wrong Im not saying theres anything wrong with the folks having their own facebook account, but do they really want to see what their precious baby was doing on Friday or Saturday night while hitting the town with the boys / girls?!

I highly doubt it

So - is it cool to have mum and dad on facebook?

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