Monday, December 10, 2007

My washing machine pissed me off today

The fact that my family doesn't have a washing machine is something that I have been proud of. Yes, amongst my family we own state of the art technology - from camera's, to TV's to turntables. But there are certain things we just like to do 'old style'....washing clothes by hand. Because of this, my clothes have had a longer life-span than if I merely tossed them into a machine.

I know how to hand wash clothes and my first encounter with a washing machine was during my first week at university. And I used it for four years straight.

Washing machine owners know that you should separate your whites and well as different textures.

Different textures...

So this morning at 06:30, I decided to do laundry (my linen). I put the powder and softener in their respective compartments and hit start.

There was no warning or beeping noises that made me question my sheets and pillow cases.

But when my washing machine finished tossing, turning, rinsing and spinning my linen ... it kindly alerted me that it was ready to be taken out and hung - courtesy of a few gentle beeps.

When I took my load out, to my surprise ... a black object with my Hello Kitty bus card fell out.

Yes, it was my cellphone (smelling like softener!) It must have been on my bed when I gathered my linen.

*sigh... it's just one more thing I have to deal with.

**Mental note: Always check every item carefully before putting it into the machine!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sheets

Thanks so nmuch for the bday wishes. Hope you are keeping well.

Miss you lots/Love you lots