Saturday, December 8, 2007

Can't beat the conveniency in Korea!

I keep getting asked "do you like where you stay?" and I keep answering "hell yes!"

I live a 10-15 minute walk from my school and a 2 minute walk from the bus stop. I live just on the border of a market place - with dozens of little stalls and shops. On my way to school, I pass at least 3 bakeries (that I know of). There are stationery stores a few metres away from me, there are clothing stores, shoe shops, so many restaurants, and I also pass at least 5 grocery stores every morning. There are also about 5 hair and beauty salons (that I know of) and a few seamstresses.

On the other side of my apartment building, it is more of a city life, with beauty stores, take out places (like PIZZA HUT) etc...

Everything in Korea is convenient, convenient, convenient. From coffee (sugar, coffee and creamer mix... just add water!) to throw away cups to food stalls at every angle you turn... to shoe repairmen who have little booths on the side of the road!

Nearly every Korean who owns a car has navigation. The cab I rode in on Friday even had a screen in the car for backseat passengers!


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