Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nearly Korean?

I was in Seoul this evening and on my way back home on the subway I found myself smirking.


I've started wearing leggings (inner wear) - a vital piece of clothing for a Korean winter.

I was wearing what apparently is a 'typical Korean' coat - numerous pockets and zips.

I was standing on the subway - I have learned how to balance without falling over!

I had my MP3 player hung around my neck.

I was listening to "Ko Jid Mal" by Big Bang (hot Korean group)

I wasn't pulling out my subway map every few minutes to see how many more stops I had.

I was reading my Korean textbook - learning Hangeul!

I had gimbap for lunch.

I have rice cakes in my fridge.

...An Indian girl from South Africa in South Korea!


vroodamakhan said...

how impressive hey. keep it up. well done in korea.


Anonymous said...

u forgot to mention that you are a sexy indian gal from SA. Guess who?

Sheetal said...

vm thank you :)

anonymous ....SCN?!!!

Anonymous said...

U know me too well Sheetal Makhan

mwah - SCN