Monday, December 24, 2007

For my late uncle...

Even though we buy into the commercialization that is Christmas, this time of the year is always festive and filled with gatherings of family and friends.

But this year is a bit different for my family. Celebrations will be toned down a notch as we are reminded of my uncle who died tragically in the Philippines last year this time.

We're all reminded of him constantly because he really was a special man. And when I think of how we lost him so early in life, I'm deeply saddened as I am at this moment writing this post.

This is my first Christmas away from my family and I sincerely hope my aunt (Aurora) and cousin (Trusha) will find the strength to continue moving forward as they have done over the past few months.

This blog post is dedicated to my late uncle Dalpat (Dully) who is sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheetal, Forgot to tell you I met Aunt Aurora & Trusha when I was in EL visiting with your Mom. What lovely family you have, and I gave Aurora a start when I greeted her in Tagalo, the last thing I expect she thought she'd hear from a honkey in Africa!


Sheetal said...


Hi :) I think you're one in a million! xxx