Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Open / Demo Class

I had my demo class yesterday. Basically, it's an open class where other English (Korean & foreign) teachers observe a lesson and meet afterwards for a crit session.

I taught a 6th grade class the chapter titled "It's time to go home". It was the lesson of the chapter, so I decided to focus on daily routines. In the first chapter, I already introduced expressions like "I wake up/I brush my teeth etc...".

The lesson started at 2pm sharp. There were only about 4 other English teachers who observed my lesson. Yet, the classroom was full. SO many of the teachers from my school sat in, including my principal and vice principal...I was so touched! I haven't heard of other teachers sitting in on the English demo class.

...but as I stood at the front of the class teaching, and I looked at the back at all the teachers from my school, I felt really lucky to have made such good friends who are so supportive of me.

My co-teacher and I left school at 10pm the previous night. We modified our lesson plan till it was perfect. But nothing is ever perfect - and there were a few things that were overlooked, but no need to dwell on what we should have done. We can only learn for next time.

Other homeroom teachers also got involved and helped either with cutting / pasting or putting things in envelopes for me. I felt very lucky to be associated with such a great team.

The crit session afterwards didn't last for too long, as I had to teach another class, but the overall opinion of other teachers was that they enjoyed my lesson. They complimented me on the usage of the Mr Bean clip - depicting his morning routine, and I was also told that I managed and controlled the class well.

One of the crits was that we should have made more use of the projector when the students came to the front to present their work.

Although teaching is not my main profession, I think I did fairly well - with it being my first demo class. And all I can do now, is improve for the next one in a few months time *^^*

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