Saturday, September 5, 2009

New co-worker

My co-teacher/manager has taken 6 months off to study. So I have a new co-worker and met her on Tuesday this week.

When I arrived in Korea in 2007, I had two co-teachers. But in the next 6 months they both transferred to another school. I cried. I really cried hard. I had attached myself to both of them so much - they had become the closest to family for me in Korea. However, two years on I'm *SO* happy to say that I'm still in touch with both of them and still meet them for dinner whenever we're free. I was worried about having a new co-teacher/manager. It takes a couple of months to get used to someone's working and teaching style. And when my second co-teacher started, it also took time to adjust to her. But we both seemed to have a good understanding of each others working and teaching style.

When you spend a lot of time with someone - sitting in the same office as them day after day, you definitely pick up on each others vibes and moods. My 2nd co-teacher wanted to do everything by the book. Of course, rules are created for a reason, but I also believe that they can be changed for various circumstances. She wasn't very popular amongst the students, either - she was VERY strict.

Classroom atmosphere is very important. Often, she would begin the class by scolding the students and then when she hands them over to me, I'm left looking at 30 something students with long, sulky faces. And then I have to psych them up again before I begin teaching. Anyways, this was just her style and I learned to deal with it.

So since she has taken study leave, I have a new co-teacher for the next six months. We met on Tuesday morning. I liked her instantly! I felt instant warmth in her smile. I had to help her around showing her who's who...etc. (Can't believe I've been there for TWO years and that I'M helping *Korean's* find their way around...even showing them which bus to take where!)

I'm looking forward to working with her, and our first four days together have been quite pleasing. I found a major difference between her and the other co-teacher. The new one said to one of the classes, "Let's have fun in English class" while my previous co-worker told me that there shouldn't be fun in the classroom - SAY WHAT NOW?!!!! .... that's almost like going against my religion!

Anyways - just a little update on what's going on at work.

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