Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll whip your a** if you diss mine!

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I had a long day of screaming, shrieking, crying, whiny 4th graders today. My ears were so sensitive and my voice was going - AGAIN! I left work around 5pm with my co-worker, Soon-hwa. We were going out after school and we were taking our usual shortcuts through alleys. As I took a corner, there were a group of middle school boys just hanging around. One of them, who was my student last year greeted me.

Another boy, who I don't know, said abruptly, "Hello - where are you from?" I continued walking and said "South Africa". He said something in Korean, which I didn't understand. I ignored it, but Soon-hwa told me that he said something rude.

OF COURSE, I wanted to know what he said. But Soon-hwa said, "It's Friday - you shouldn't get upset." We continued walking. And then I said, "Please tell me now what he said?"

Apparently the little dim wit said in Korean "You have a big butt"

So guess what I did? I turned right around and marched back in my heels and all to him and his friends. I didn't know who said it. I asked the 2 boys who I know (my former students). Clearly, these little boys don't have each other's backs 'cause when they realized I was p*ssed off, they all pointed to one boy.

I was fierce! I stood in front of him and demanded to know if he knew that I was a teacher. Teachers are highly respected here in Korea, and I don't think I should be treated any differently just because I'm a foreigner. So I asked him if he talks to his Korean teachers like that.

"Don't you dare talk to anyone like that again... and don't ever talk about them in another language - do you understand?" And at this point, just imagine my big eyes doubling in size 8-) If I could read his mind, he was thinking - "Damn you biatch...why are you dissing me in front of my friends?"

(Soon-hwa had to translate some things for me.)

He bowed down to apologize to me, and the other boys around him were forcing him to apologize more.

I looked at him again. "I'll remember your face!" I said.
And I walked off.

I was surprised that he wasn't even scared of Soon-hwa (being a Korean...and she'd understand him). Little confused adolescent idiot ... I'm sure he'll never forget me!


Anonymous said...

good said, sheets :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl. well done. good for so proud of you. i would have klapped him.

Sheetal said...

@ Michael:
Thanks ;)

@ Mum:
Thanks! Yeah, wished I could have klapped him!