Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinner with Kim

I always say that Thursdays are to me what Mondays are to other people. On Thursdays I teach Grade 3, 4 & Kindergarten & after school, I teach a special class for an hour.

My special class is meant to end at 3:50pm, but I do have *special* children that need my help and attention, so sometimes I only get back to my desk around 4:20pm and home time is at 4:40pm. Of course, there have been many days where I've left work really late - once at midnight!

Today I left work at 5pm. I was planning on going to the gym. On my way home I called my friend, Kim - just to say hi. Anyways, we've been meaning to meet and catch up (last time we met was before I was in SA for the summer holiday).

So I abandoned gym to meet Kim for dinner. She said she'd like to see me to talk to me about something. I had a hunch.

So we met for dinner and after getting all the formalities out of the way (how's work ... how's your family?) , we got down to some juicy convo :)

Stay tuned!

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