Saturday, October 11, 2008

My favourite restaurant, Hurk-Kwa-Saram-Dur

This is my *favourite* restaurant, Hurk-Kwa-Saram-Dur. It means "People of the Earth". It's about a 2 minute drive from my apartment in Eun-haeng-dong. Their best dish is called Bo-Ri-Bap (barley with a mixture of vegetables & hot sauce).

The entrance

The decor is very authentic & natural

We usually order kamja-jon (potato pancake)

You get a bowl of barley (which is bland)

Add a bit of each of these mountain veggies

Add a bit of these other side dishes (acorn jelly etc...)

Add a bit of gochu-jang (hot sauce) & mix it up well!

A side dish (soy bean / tofu)

Dwen-jang-ji-ge (one of my faves) This is a tofu & pumpkin soup

There can be up to 20 side dishes included in a Korean meal!

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