Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When they hit my last nerve...

I think I'm a very lenient teacher. I give many warnings and threaten some students with punishment... but I almost never do it. However, yesterday was another story. Tuesdays are my busiest days. I have 2 classes of 4th grade & 4 classes of 6th grade. After that, I have an hour of after school class. By the time my last class came in, my voice was nearly gone and my energy was minimal.

But ~ as I always do, I tried to psych myself up for them. When 6.2 came in yesterday, their homeroom teacher had to sit in on the lesson as my Korean co-teacher wasn't there. I couldn't believe that they didn't even care that he was there. They refused to listen and behave. I had great classes before them ~ doing "Shrek" role plays. But I stopped the fun with 6.2...

I had enough. I had just given them an easy phonics test... and 5 minutes before the lesson ended, I put the 18 words back on the screen and told them to write each word out 10 times. They were not allowed to leave till I signed their books.

When they came to have their books signed, they shook their aching wrists and said "Sorry, teacher". *^^*


shilpa said...

Nicely written..sometimes being a teacher is a hard place to be in..I think a lot of the times, children are looking for boundaries and they need you to set them;for them.

Sheetal said...


hello! thanks for the comment. i think i have to agree with you. and yeah, being a teacher also means being a mother, nurse, judge, policeman and so on! ~

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

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