Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sun-Young's baby

My friend, Sun-Young (a 5th grade homeroom teacher at my school) had a baby about 3 weeks ago. So, this past Friday (October 10, 2008) my friend, Ki-Young & I went to visit Sun-Young & the newborn.

I have followed Sun-Young's pregnancy since the very beginning, so it's been really special to see her everyday at school and watch her belly grow. We always joked around that I was going to be the first foreigner her baby would meet. During classes, when Sun-Young was lying down on the floor in the teacher's room, we used to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to Gae-Tong (the name she gave the baby before she was born.

Now, she's been named Sim-Young. Isn't she gorgeous?! Ki-Young and I were pleading with her through the window to open her eyes for us, but she was sound asleep.

(Sun-Young didn't want to be photographed!)

In Korea, they have a special place (almost like a retreat) for new mum's. It's been described to me as a combination of a motel & hospital. For about 2 weeks after giving birth, the new mum can bond with her baby - and get assistance from the nursing staff. They can relax and meet other new mum's. So, this was Sun-Young's room. (Husbands can sleep here, too)

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