Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sincheon ABC Land

My school has a new English classroom called "Sinchen ABC Land"

Blinds in the one classroom

What we drew on the touch screen TV / electric whiteboard

The awesome touch screen TV / electric whiteboard.

These pics are from the classroom that I teach in.
This is like a glass board, but it's a whiteboard.

View of the front of the classroom. That's my desk on the left.

View of the classroom. Those are different 'booths' which will be used for roleplay.

I took the photo that they printed on the pull down blinds!

The photo that's printed on the blinds is of our dining room
back home in East London, SA!

The blinds have various pictures (airport, shops etc...) with vocabulary at the bottom.

Outside in the passage

The door of my classroom

One of the students playing hangman on the touch screen TV / electric whiteboard.

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t-HYPE said...

wow sheetal! your classroom is really nice.

i'm loving the tv/touchscreen combo. maybe i should as for an upgrade! ;)