Sunday, October 12, 2008

My fave boys

These boys are a few of my favourites in Grade 5.

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Anonymous said...

Sheetal I really enjoyed all of your pic and you eat with chop sticks?.&.how long will you be there..your family photos were beautiful...everyone in my family is doing daughter got her a her field(MSW)....but she really want one in her minor( Criminal Justis) she will work and them maybe apply for what her heart really want..I am so glad to hear from you...had you on my mind the other day..and I said to myself...I need to e-mail you..but you sent one first...take care of yourself...and will talk with you soon...o yes my daughter and I will be going to Tortola British Virgin Islands for 2 weeks..part of a Graduation of her sority sisters live there..we will be there..Dec 7 thru 21...looking forward to that....Lots of love...Vivian