Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seo-joon learns "Thank you"

On Sunday, July 11 2010 I met my friend Hye-jin and her gorgeous baby (who I've half-adopted!) Seo-joon for lunch. I met Hye-jin on new years eve (2009) and we've maintained a really good friendship ever since. I've known her through the latter part of her pregnancy and have watched her baby boy growing up.

Seo-joon celebrated his first birthday in March. I get to see him every few weeks and he really does bring a smile to my face. On Sunday, I was giving him a piece of cheesecake in a coffee shop and was blown away by how cute he was. His mum has taught him to give/accept items with both hands extended and to bow his head to say "thank you" which is typical in Korean culture.

Look at this video where I'm giving him a piece of cheesecake. His mum is telling him to use both hands. When she says thank you in Korean, look how he bows his head to the side. Adorable!

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