Monday, July 26, 2010

TEDxSeoul - What we need now?

On Saturday, July 24 2010 I attended TEDxSeoul 2010. The theme: What we need now? The conference started at 1pm and was held at the Jade Hall, U-Plex in Sinchon (Seoul)

The speakers were:

Young-ha Kim (Writer)
Geon-hyeok Go (Boonga Boonga Record, CEO)
Jeong-soon Oum (Artist)
Darcy Paquet (Movie-ist)
Soo-in Yang (Architect)
Sang-jun Yoo (Student/UX Designer)
Ho-jeong Kang (Peatlands Ecologist)
Sang-min Whang (Psychologist)
Sung-bum Lee (External Partnership Team Good Neighbors)
Myeong-sook Seo (Founder of Jeju Olleh)
Kyeong-mook Kim (Filmmaker)
Jin-yong Chung, Won-ki Min (TED Player Developer)

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