Thursday, July 1, 2010

How...neighbourly of me?!

Every now and then, there's something in my mailbox in my apartment building - nothing exciting, just bills.

On Monday evening when I got home, everyone's electricity/gas bills were placed in our mailboxes. I thought my bill was unusually high, but I figured it was just over-use of my aircon and fan.  On Tuesday morning, I paid the bill and went along with my day.

Last night (Wednesday) when I got home, I noticed that someone still hadn't taken their bill out of their mailbox. "My neighbour must be away," I thought. I just glanced over the number on the only mailbox with the bill still in it.

It was apartment no. 504 - which is mine!

So whose bill did I pay?

I quickly checked my receipt, only to realize that I paid for my neighbour in 505. In 3 years of living in the same apartment building, this is the first time this has happened!

Anyway, this morning I paid my own bill. When I got home, I sorted it out with my building manager who just chuckled as he said, "Change paper!" (meaning: You took the wrong account! )

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