Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3 - Amazing Show, Wednesday Jan 28 2009

This is a 70-minute musical variety show highlighting world culture.
It also features some of the some of the most beautiful transvestites in Asia.

NOTE: Transvestite = someone who adopts the dress
or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex

So... all these 'women' are actually men!
They were... beautiful!

Phantom of the Opera

Dream Girls

This gal was a hit with the audience

Cabaret performance

Japanese dance

So sexy

Is it a guy?

Is it a girl?

It's both!

Korean fan dance ~ Buchaechum

This guy (in white) was the only 'guy' in the show .... WOW!

Just for the record: HE held ME.
(And I told him he was cute!)

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