Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 1 - Mall of Asia, Monday, Jan 26 2009

The SM Mall of Asia is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines & we could see it from our hotel room balcony. It's situated near the Manila Bay & has about 600 stores.

The Chicago Popcorn Shop sells "The Chicago Mix" - a mixture of cheese & caramel popcorn. Sounds gross? Actually quite delicious! And they give you a sample before you buy it.

Lots of entertainment for the kids

This is an Olympic-sized ice skaing rink and is said to be the
largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

There are so many restuarants catering to all tastes -
Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Thai etc...
This is an Indian restaurant - Prince of Jaipur

Mall security everywhere

View of Manila Bay

A Korean shop with some of my favourite drinks!

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