Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 1 - Baclaran Market, Monday, Jan 26 2009

As soon as we checked in at the hotel, we freshened up and went out! Wondering down the street, it was simply bustling. This is Baclaran Market... now, having lived in Korea for over a year I'm used to markets - but this was different - it was bustling at all directions. You have to dodge people, vendors selling fruit or drinks... or motorcycles (which scares me beyond words... because that's what took my uncle's life in the Philippines two years ago).

Children, like this little girl start working from a very young age. They walk around selling plastic shopping bags to shoppers. I bought a bag from this girl, and smiled at her and took her photo. For a while, she followed me and kept smiling and waving back at me. So cute!

There are vendors upon vendors.
Check out that shoe stall and the guy selling mangoes in front of it!

While some of us are trying to get rid of our junk in our trunk,
some are not blessed with flesh in the behind... I guess it's like a push up bra!

Yep, obviously there's a McD's!

Colours everywhere!

Watermelon vendor

Fried pig intestines~

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