Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday - in London!

sorry no pics - at an internet cafe @ the moment

Quick update:

Yesterday, we went to Cambridge - took gorgeous photos. I'm taken aback by the buildings and architecture here.

This morning, we went to Southall...restricted myself from buying too many unneccesary things, but ended up buying a Bollywood CD from a guy cause he was so cute :)

Rode the red bus this morning :) and been seeing plenty of red phone booths and post boxes.

Mum & I have moved to a really snazzy Holiday Inn, with Madame Tussades and the British Library just a few minutes away.

I don't have much time to write, but basically:

I am really appreciating my home (in Korea) even more now that I am away from it.

I keep wanting to use Korean phrases like, `Ul-ma-yo' (how much is it?) and 'Gham-sam-ni-da' (thank you)

Not looking forward to saying good-bye to mum again.

Still wish I could see my dad & brother (LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!)

Gotta go... till next time xxx


Anonymous said...

heya my swty!!!!!!!!!
ooo wow!!!!!!!! u must b having such a fab tym wit ur mum!!!!!!!!!!
newayz, i hope u njoying urself ;) n having plenty of fun!!! misssing u staxx!!!!!!
tink bout u!

luvvies: Ass

Anonymous said...

Shame poor girl...missing daddy..go to face book and you will see him...haaa