Tuesday, February 12, 2008

London ~ Getting to Incheon airport

I was going to take the 05:30 airport limousine (bus!) to Incheon airport. My flight was at 09:20, so I'd have ample time.

I found out exactly where the bus stop was, so just after 5am, I took a cab to the bus stop. When it arrived, everything was fine... till I kept seeing signs outside saying Gimpo Airport. I was worried that I got onto the wrong bus, but everything turned out fine. The bus first makes a stop at Gimpo Airport and then proceeds to Incheon!

All my friends were right - take the airport limousine instead of the taxi. They're efficient and MUCH cheaper. And they drop you off right in front of International departures!

Incheon airport has had many good reviews from travelers around the globe. It's easy to navigate, clean and staff are most willing to help.

I flew Korean Air from Incheon to Narita (Tokyo). I would then transfer to British Airways and fly to Heathrow...

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