Tuesday, February 12, 2008

London ~ The idea & preparation

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How often will I be able to say I spontaneously booked a flight to London?! I had a few days off from work, and I didnt know what Id do with myself. Yes, I could have traveled around Korea, but decided to do something outrageous.

Where could I go? I was looking for visa-free countries with my SA passport. The only European countries I was really interested in was the UK & Switzerland

I booked a trip to London which I was going to do alone, but after a while I thought itd be fun if my mum met me there!

Friday morning (January 25) I got the idea of going and by 5pm my ticket was booked and paid for. On Saturday I asked my mum to meet me. Monday her ticket was booked. Wednesday she arrived in the UK and I arrived 2 days later!

I spent the few days before I left shopping for gifts to send back for my dad and brother in SA. I also had other admin to sort out, which went smoothly and pretty quickly.


Anonymous said...

Check the SUNDAY Times dated 10 Feb 2008..it says your passport is woth nothing now due to fraud at home affairs in south africa..in future you will need a visa..

Sheetal said...


I've read several articles regarding this... Fraud & Corruption is South Africa's subtitle, don't you think?