Wednesday, February 13, 2008

London ~ Wednesday (Feb 6) Korean's on the bus ^^

With Sam Mi from Korea!

Mum and I sat on the upper level on the bus, braving the cold! First, we were the only 2 people up there, until 3 ladies joined us. They seemed very excited and were snapping pics like crazy, even though the bus hadnt even moved yet! I had an inkling that they could be from Korea, but didnt ask them.

.and then I heard one of them say Hana, Dul, Set (One, Two, Three in Korean). I jumped with joy. Excuse me? I said. Are you from Korea?

They were! I was too excited to meet Koreans, because by this day I was feeling homesick (for Korea!). My friends find this hard to believe. Ive been told, But Korea isnt your home! Well the fact that I was missing the SMELL of Korean air and that I was craving gim-bap proves that this is now my home, right?!

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