Saturday, September 8, 2007 happened again

I had a very cool day in Seoul - met some friends and went to a show called NANTA - I'm really tired right now, so here is a snippet from a website:

About the Show: In Nanta, four chefs react the sounds of samullori using all sorts of kitchen utensils as they prepare for a wedding reception in an open kitchen. As they get ready to start the day, the unpleasant manager gives them some unexpected news. Not only do the chefs have to prepare the entire wedding meal by 6pm, but they also have to give the manager’s nephew some cooking lessons. None of them are happy with the situation, but they set out to work.
In the process, they must solve a whole array of difficulties. Gradually, the audience and the players become one. Finally, they pull all their ideas together to finish the cream cake, and the ceremony proceeds without any troubles. In the course of the fantastic wedding party, the audience bonds through lots of laughter and humor, the friendly kitchen atmosphere, and above all five characters whose magnetic spirits create the various rhythms and sounds.

Anyways, I was really proud of myself for taking the subway ALONE today... met a few people at a station 5 stops from mine.

Coming home, I was on the right bus, but seemed to have gotten off at an earlier stop. So naturally, I called my lifeline, RACHEL... and was like, "Rache, I think I'm lost... please ask this girl where I am and what I must do?"

Rache is my lifesaver and has spoken to a number of random people on my behalf. I just call her, hand the phone to the unfortunate person stuck with me and then she translates for me. THANKS RACHE xxx to a foreign teacher's conference on Monday, will be back Friday....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brat,

Just checked out your blog and really missing you stacks..

Dim is hot and tell me about William??

Love you lots