Thursday, September 6, 2007

" Korea languagey..." -Mr Lee

This is Mr Lee - 4th grade homeroom teacher. At any given moment when Mr Lee and I are in the teachers room at the same time, this will be our conversation:

I will be going about my work quietly and swiftly, and then...

Mr Lee: Hello! (points to an object) ... In Korea languagey, ...... (says the Korean name of the object)

Me: Repeats the word 2 or 3 times

Mr Lee: Ok

Me: Gham-samni-dha (Thank you)

Mr Lee: Ok. (and he walks out, or goes back to his coffee...)

Today I learnt that 'rain' in Korean is 'pee' ..... interesting, huh?!

Speaking of rain, I left my umbrella at school yesterday and woke up to rain this morning. So I was going to brave the rain and get soaked, but as I stepped out my apartment, one of my students walked past and let me share her umbrella with her. Poor girl got stared at my so many kids enroute to school.... The other kids must've been thinking that she was sucking up to the English teacher!


Mamapierce said...

Does it rain a lot in Korea? What kinds of seasons do they have?

Sheetal said...

it has rained a lot here this year apparently. summers are humid and winter is icey!

Unknown said...

hehe! rain = pee ;-)
natural question that follows... whose pee?!
**melissa blushes at the inappropriateness of her comment**

Anonymous said...

naughty melissa