Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chuseok Fun!

This week, Korea celebrated Chuseok (their version of Thanksgiving), so we were off from Friday. Friday night I went out with one of my co-teachers to Bucheon, a city about 20 minutes from where I live (also where i have to go to catch my subway). I like the vibe in Bucheon and will definitely hang out there again very soon.

On Saturday, after having lunch with a few friends I moved on to Itaewon (which is foreigner capital), and met Dimitri and a few other people. This is Dimitri and I at a cool coffee shop called "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf". Three Korean university students at the table next to us asked where we were from and wanted to know some key phrases that we use in our country... this is Dimitri and I with them.

Since my first week-end out in Korea; Dimitri, Yang and myself somehow find ourselves together. Yang is our Korean techno expert and loads of fun to be with.

After the coffee shop, we met up with my dear friend, Rachel and a few other people. Here I am with Yang, Rachel and William.

Around 4am, some of us were tired and went home. HOWEVER, some of us missioned off to continue the party! Another friend, Hendrien and I only left Itaewon @ 8am after having breakfast at McDonalds!

There was some kind of arts and crafts market thing that was taking place in an area called Hongdae, so on Sunday Hendrien and I (after maybe 3 hours of sleep), met Dimitri & Brian...We must have walked all over Hongdae and decided to go clubbing again that night... The nightlife in Hongdae is awesome....

This is me with Brian (from USA)

Dimitri, Brian, Hendrien & I - after our second night of clubbing, checked into the Jimjilbang - sleeping rooms/24 hour spas. Hendrien and I moved from room to room which have different treatments - for example, there's a Jasmine smelling room, an ice room, a gravel room (lie on gravel)....salt room (lie in salt) and an Oxygen room... soooo cool!

The next morning, Monday - some of us clearly needed to buy new clothes! So after lazing around in the Jimjilbang till midday, we missioned off for more exploring. We ended up in Itaewon again...had dinner at a Mexican place (where I was so excited when I saw coriander!)

Hendrien and Brian left us, leaving Dimitri and I to sleep at the Jimjilbang yet again! I left there at about 5am...and after strolling around Seoul station, I got home on Tuesday morning at 7am!
Resting for the whole day, I wasn't really that tired...and at 6:30pm, Dimitri and I decided to hit Seoul YET AGAIN! I called Yang and persuaded him to come out with us... Here are the three of us again:

Sadly, Yang wasn't feeling too well so he went home - and Dim & I slept at the Jimjilbang again (albeit a different one).

So, Wednesday morning - and I was as fresh as ever...trying to keep Dimitri awake! This is a pic of Itaewon @ 08h30...

This seems to be our hangout in Itaewon : The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Dimitri and I went to Kwanghwamun to an awesome bookstore called Kyobo books - loads of English titles...The area is really awesome...not as crazy as other parts of Seoul.

We decided to go to Seoul Station where we had lunch and thought that it was high time we both missioned off to our respective homes. Poor Dimitri had to work today (Thursday) whereas I only get back tomorrow....

...and this is Seoul Station


vroodamakhan said...

thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us.

vroodamakhan said...
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Anonymous said...

Yho! I really loved that blog!!! That was soo awesum! I can't believe the night life there it's sooo hectic! Yho i really wish i cud be there! Atleast ur really enjoying urself der!