Monday, August 21, 2006

HSS Cultural Show

Last night (Saturday, August 19), the Hindu Students Society held their annual Cultural Show. This year, I went with three friends - Bronwyn, Colleta and Tiwonge... We had a great time and enjoyed the fantastic music and dance items.

It was awesome seeing familiar faces from East London & King Williams Town!

Michelle & Carryn came over around 3 'o clock to do my hair. Carryn - thanks to you, I had a fantastic GHD (Good Hair Day!) :)

Here are a few photo's that we took last night...

Michelle & Me

Carryn & Me

Harshal, Me & Niks


Anonymous said...

Hey Sheetsi :)

U looked great for the cultural show! Glad u guys had an enjoyable time. GHD rocks :) see you later. ps pray for AVID

Anonymous said...

U'r definitely looking like a GHD here - a "GORGEOUS, HOT DOLL"! I'm so glad that you had a fantastic time...u look stunning & I'm so pleased that u were happy with ur hair!

Anonymous said...

I recognise some of those faces :)

Sheetal said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks, honey! You guys should have come was a stunning night of fusion!

I am praying for AVID. May the force be with VAMS on this fateful day.

GHD = hahaha!

You are hereby appointed by official hair stylist!
You did such a fantastic job, that I will surely be using your services again. (just a friendly warning!)

Lots of love & big hugs

jvonblog said...

You always look so good Ms. Makhan... hope the evening was fantastic! I now have linked to your blog, so expect to hear and see many more comments from me!

Sheetal said...

Thanks, Jase!

You're such a honey.. I've linked you too :)

x, Sheets

Sheetal said...

thanks, totally basmatic ;)
glad you like it!

sanjay jha said...

i loved the look of your site.
and you should act in bollywood!!!.
love and regards.

Sheetal said...


Thank you, Sanjay :)
I hope you are doing well..?