Monday, August 1, 2022

Deep breaths

I didn’t have a sound sleep. 

At 22:30 last night, two nurses told me that there was a lady coming out of surgery and asked if I’d mind if they put her in my room.

As much as I enjoyed having the room to myself, there was no way I could have said no. They didn’t even have to ask me, but they said that rooms would fill up this week with many scheduled operations.

But this lady was loud & restless. She was talking on her phone. Switched the light on, off, on, off. Turned the tv on. Called the nurse. I tried to be tolerant because she was just out of surgery and getting to know her new surroundings.

I remembered myself in the same position last week - terrified, so I let it go. 

The combination of not eating much, the strong medication, anesthetic, laying down & the stress has strained my tummy a lot. My goal today is to drink more water than I have been. I am usually very good with my water intake, but it’s been a challenge this week - knowing the effort it takes to get to the loo. I know its importance, though - so today will be better.

I think the physio will come by today. And then we should have more information about being discharged (this week, I guess). I’m slightly nervous because I still need assistance getting out of bed. Oh, and I can move my toes more than I did a couple of days ago! 🙌🏼

Deep breaths and one day at a time. 🦋

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