Sunday, July 31, 2022

Craving Indian food!


I’ve been in this position for a week now. I lie down or sit up - using a button to adjust the bed when I need to eat something or drink water. 

I could write a post about every nurse who has helped me this week - Flavia, Anastasia, Julia, Maria, Wana, Çem, Monica and more. And I may still do that. I think I would have been in a different mental state had it not been for the warmth of the people around me. I told a nurse now that she’s so kind and she told me that that I am too and that her colleagues love me. 🥰

My thrombosis injections are now administered in my stomach instead of the leg. The nurses are lenient with my husband staying a little after visiting hours, especially now that I’m alone in the room. My energy was low this this afternoon so we went for a stroll in the wheelchair in the passage - just to be out of the room. It hurts when I sit on the wheelchair and the nurse explained it’s because the leg is elevated most of the time, when I’m in a sitting position the blood flows down to the foot - causing a bit of discomfort. 

I have so many little stories I still want to share on here. Sharing my experience - all of it, is helping me a lot. I never thought I’d talk about me sitting naked on a toilet. Well - there are a lot do things I have experienced this week which has been different, but a learning experience.

I have been day dreaming of my mum’s dhal, rice, dhokra, veg biryani, sojji and more. My hubby managed to find an Indian place near the hospital and went and got me samosas. They were nothing like the samosas of my kakis in East London!! But the the flavour was satisfying 😋

I was happy to join virtual mandir (temple) this evening. I didn’t mind sharing a room with the older lady, but I’m glad that I have my own bathroom now and that I can listen to my bhajans (devotional music) as I fall asleep. 

I am still reading all my birthday wishes - thank you so much. I really feel the love. 💝

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