Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Physio & Hairdresser

I had my first physio appointment today. She was kind and compassionate - both important qualities for me. She massaged my foot and assured me that the swelling is normal especially after our long drive home yesterday.

I need to keep it elevated and rest.

And then..! My long-awaited scrub, wash & blow dry at the hair salon. I needed to get up ONE step to get to the washing stations. It was so scary - I don’t know my legs to feel this weak. Getting down was just as daunting, but with help from my hubby and the lady, I did it.

I’m still determined and keeping positive, but I’m also really tired. Even parked right outside the salon, the short trip inside made me feel knackered. All that while trying to ignore onlookers. 

When I’m tired, I’m tearful. 😢

I know this will pass. But I still need to be conscious of my mind wandering. It was a freak accident and there are moments I can’t believe this happened to me. It could have been worse, I know. So I am grateful for what is. 🙏🏼

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