Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Forever Mummy’s girl!

Today wasn’t such a happy-clappy day. 😕

It started off by me losing my balance as I went to the intercom to buzz the nurse in. It was as if it was happening in slow motion. My crutch fell to the ground, but luckily I was able to quickly lean against the wall to steady myself. The bottom of my moon boot is kind of curved so when I take a step, it’s heel first then “roll” towards the toe. Each step with my crutches is taken very carefully, so it was pretty scary. 

My ankle has been paining slightly - ice packs help. I just breathe through it and only take meds when needed. 

Then the hospital called me. I am meeting the doctor for a check up next week and I’ll go in for my third operation in two weeks time. 🙏🏼

As the afternoon went on, I had this overwhelming feeling of missing my Mum and her hug. 🥺 Nothing compares to the warmth of a Mum’s arms around you! 🤗

How I wish to be sitting with her sipping on masala chai together. I was hoping to see her soon & was looking forward to making burfi together for Diwali - our first since my Dad passed. I’ve made peace that that trip may not happen, but today I felt the ache of just wanting to be with my Mum. 

Forever Mummy’s girl! 💞

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